The valuable work of Diane Pendola and Teresa Hahn at Skyline Harvest provides a marvelous example of what it means “to stand under the spell of the Earth” in response to the calling to integrate human, natural and spiritual wisdoms.

Raimon Panikkar

The term eco derives from the Latin oeco, meaning household, and from Greek oikos, meaning house or home. Here at Skyline we live within a household of Ponderosa Pine, Douglas and White Firs, Incense Cedars, Black and Tan Oaks, Dogwood Trees and Sweet Birch. Deer live here, and bear and cougar. So do gray fox and wild turkeys, red-tailed hawks and robins and wrens.

Bridger Creek sings to us as we fall asleep at night. It joins a chorus of bird song to waken us in the morning. The north and south forks of the beautiful Yuba River flow some miles to the north and south of us. They flow out of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains at whose feet we find our home.

Come out of the city. Find that narrow road off the too-traveled highway. Follow it to its end. Open the gate that has been closed for too long. Inhale what has been forgotten. Breathe deeply the scent of Home.

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